Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Eat Your Books


I do not have a hard time saying, "No" to my children.

I am a thrifty gal who comes from a long line of people who make do with what they have. "Redigo, Reuse, Redivius" has been our family's motto for centuries.  Loosely translated means, "You don't need that".

However, there are two expensive items that I always say, "Yes." to.

Vegetables and Books.

"May I have more broccoli?"  "Yes!"

"Can I get two books instead of one at the Book Fair?  Please?"  "Yes!"

I am a sucker every time and they know it. Thankfully, the library and their small stomachs keep us from going broke.


Zoe said...

As your librarian, I can attest that this blog post is factually correct. And I approve wholeheartedly! No such thing as too many books.

artlover said...

From working in a library for 6 years I agree! My girls ate up books until they had too much required reading but they still get 1 or 2 out. Quests for knowledge and inspiration are a life long pursuit of mine.

Stewclown said...

We would be completely broke without the library. Thank goodness we have such a great library system here!

atlanticmo said...

Thanks, makes me wish I had a snuggie.