Monday, October 24, 2011

Coffee Kingdom

Like any good Irish-American girl I was raised as a tea drinker.  I love tea.

My first impulse when company comes is to turn the kettle on as I offer a cup to my guests. The lighting of the tea kettle is also the first step to any* crisis situation. Tea is my rock, my friend, my life companion.

I also love coffee. I love coffee in a more desperate, get this coursing through my veins kind of way.  This may sound like an addiction.  I admit to times of abuse but I have it under control presently. I limit myself to around 16 ounces a day.  I can get through the day without it.

If I do start to get twitchy there is always my tea, patient and kind, to make everything alright.

*birth, death, illness, car, school, family, work, home, friends, etc.


Cindy D. said...

Love the colors and shadows. You have a very neat, distinct style. Love those blues you chose.

(I wonder if you might want to have the IF folks change your link, because it goes to your Scattered entry.)

atlanticmo said...

Thanks, Cindy.
I don't know why that happened. Could have been an autofil overriding my paste. I posted it a second time. Hopefully that will work.

Zoe said...

As a fellow coffee and tea drinker I agree completely! I feel exactly the same way. Tea is soothing, comforting. But I need coffee, some days I really need it.

Alycia Watkins said...

Hm, the blue colors work! I think it would look more "coffee-licious", though, if you used brown or some color that resembles tea or coffee. But all in all, you did great! I also find the paint description awesome! Good thing this man keeps himself from drinking too much tea and coffee. ;)