Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark


Where I live, I always have a great view of the night sky.

We have a low tree line, most of the buildings are two stories (or lower) and there is very little light pollution.  I love the night here. Dark.

The night usually starts out with a spectacular sunset.  Then the sky, like an overworked watercolor turns dark.  The stars and the moon start to appear as if on a dimmer switch in God's living room.

There is a new show every night.

Even on foggy or cloudy nights you can feel the vastness of the universe like a tremendous ocean that Earth is a little beach ball floating around in.

The morning sky brings a no less spectacular sunrise and lights the solid  and defined world. This is beautiful as well but leaves less to the imagination than the darkness of night.

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Marcella said...

I can remember that age when I did believe something just like that was lurking under the bed!