Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There are often debates about what is art? What is literature? What is serious music?  We're always doing that, labeling, sorting. 

There must be something in our DNA, that as a species we feel the need to but things into categories. Once upon a time this instinct must have been critical to our survival. I like to sort things. One time when I was babysitting at a house that didn't have a T.V. or a radio, I separated a large bag of peanut M&Ms. I own a label maker, I get it. 

It still annoys me though when it comes to artistic endeavors.  

My answer is, "Who cares?". 

Here are some more important questions to ask of a work of art:

Does it capture my attention? 
Does it stir something in my mind or heart? 
Does it evoke a memory? 
Does it get me up dancing?
Does it make me laugh?
Does it take my breath away?
Is it something I want to share?

Is it a good story?

That's the real genetic trait that separates us from the Bonobos, storytelling. 

And it is all storytelling.


Suzanne Warr said...

Love it! We all just need to save the sorting for M&Ms. Yours, mine, works pretty good--so long as it's your bag. :)

Andrea Mack said...

These are such good questions to keep in mind! Sometimes I get caught up in how the story is told using words and forget what is important.

atlanticmo said...

Thanks, I'll gladdly share my candy with you guys.