Monday, April 11, 2011


See, I told you it would be soon.

 I'm back and I have a new list of words.  

I took me a little while to think of what do do next, after the alphabet.  Numbers would have been a logical progression.  I also considered different colors, animals and children's names. 

I could have done the alphabet again, with 26 new words.  I do own a fat dictionary. 

I wanted to get started on the drawings.  I was just about to choose one already, when I passed by the hallway bulletin board at our house.  This is where we put up well marked papers and interesting pictures from school.  I was struck by the list of perfectly spelled "word wall" words and I knew what to do next.

The Spelling List.

There are only ten words which I'm glad about. I wanted to work on scene pictures rather than spot images.  I also wanted to add a splash of color this time around.  I knew that would take a little longer.  I wanted to start back to posting as soon as possible so I got right to work on the list. 

I completed all ten images.

I liked having the pictures already done, when I did the alphabet series. 

The words inspired an image.
The images inspired more words to go with the image  and perhaps this post will inspire another form of creativity.

 I love the idea of  the domino effect.  

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