Monday, July 23, 2012

Back to the Future

The past few weeks have got me thinking about finding the delicate balance between planning for the future and living in the moment.

Today I had a full day (a rare thing in the summer) in the art studio which has me craving more.  
I must figure out how to get there.

In the meantime I am savoring all the (many) good things in my life.

This week's Illustration Friday word reminded me of this Ryan Montbleau song.


Kathleen said...

My favorite Ryan Montbleau song - right up there with 75 and Sunny. Beautiful image - love the light on her shoulder.

Kristin said...

The way you associate your illistrations with the word is amazing. I would never have thought of a pregnant woman for "carry", yet it is perfect. Really wonderful. Thank you.

Kristin said...

By the way, July 23rd is the day Karen was born. Perhaps that is why I identify with this one so much....

atlanticmo said...

Thanks you guys xo