Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pisces of Mind

I love to swim under water for as long and deep and as far as I can hold my breath.

There is something about the sensation of being part of the water that makes me feel as if I am elsewhere. 

Elsewhere is so quiet. I can't hear the phone ringing or someone calling my name.

No travel to the mountains or a busy city can transport you in such a way. Under the water I become another particle floating around with the fish. I am a rock or a seashell for a few moments.

The closest thing to this temporary escape is that small window of time between dreaming and being awake. My conscious self can see the reality that looms just past the dream and my dream self can see that dream world floating away as the alarm clock gets louder and louder.

I know that I must swim back to the surface for a breath of my own reality which is all the more beautiful having been gone from it.


David Jernigan said...

Nice illustration. I like the movement of the figure.

Scratch Pad Books said...

great drawing and a very poetic description. Well done!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

What a great description! Although you almost dodn't need it with this wonderful illustration. I have to hold my breath just looking at it!

Marcela S. said...

Lovely description and illustration!

atlanticmo said...

Thank you