Monday, January 2, 2012



I have a few sets of sisters.

There are my actual, biological sisters of course. I consider them all my friends, in that complicated, beautiful way that girls with the same parents can be despite and because of the wild ride of childhood.

Then we've got my sisters-in-law some whom have been in my life for over twenty years and have crossed the threshold into, "sister".

My female first cousins are lieutenant sisters at the ready to fill in for a sister at any time and always willing to wear a bridesmaid's dress.

I don't like to get too cheesy about it but, some of my dearest friends are so ingrained in my life that they hold a sister-like piece of my heart.

My daughter doesn't have a sister.

Sometimes I feel bad about that.*

Then I remember her eleven girl cousins or countless B.F.F's.

Besides, she, like myself has a brother which is just as good as a sister.

He's just less likely to help you color your hair.

*not bad enough to provide one for her


Kathleen said...


Petra van Berkum said...

pink hair is awesome, I still would love some pink hair, but it doesn't really fit my ..uhm..appearance, I guess.

Angel said...

So great! And you know, you can always help color her hair pink too. I just gave my daughter blue tips in exchange for her good grades. Fantastic illustration!

atlanticmo said...

Thanks, all. I'm going to get pink streaks once all my hair turns white.

cait said...

So true!