Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Couple of Characters

My kids love the snow.

A couple of weeks ago, while the grown-ups were inside watching the NFL Playoffs my kids were in my parents' backyard sledding. We had gotten nine inches of snow. That is a lot for our area and they knew it. They also knew it wouldn't last forever so they made the most of it.

They were out there for the whole AFC game.

We made them come in for supper before the NFC game.

It was dusk to almost dark after supper. They begged Papa to turn the back light on so they could sled some more.

The adults watched the game until halftime and forced them to come in.

My son told his sister that he was glad she was with him or else he wouldn't have had the time of his life.

Those two have the classic two sibling, brother and sister, love, hate relationship.

It is so much nicer when it is love.

p.s. Go Pats!


Kristin said...

I totally get the sister/borhter relationship. My kids have it too. And they also made the most of the snow together. Makes a momma feel good, huh?

AHAviews said...

I enjoy the energy of line, its variations skipping through the image.

Angel said...

Great style, exciting illustration. Glad they had so much fun together. Yes, it is nice when it's love.

atlanticmo said...

thanks for the love