Monday, November 14, 2011

Afraid of the Wolf

When I was a kid the woods were my backyard. It was easy for me to picture all those fairy tales that took place in the forest.

I was a quick study of the lessons from the stories that often ended in children meeting their doom.

I wasn't scared of these stories. I took them as useful information and filed them in my mind for future reference. This way I would know what to do if I came upon a house made of gingerbread or a talking wolf while I was playing in the woods.

Get locked in a tower? Grow my hair long. Got it.

White rocks, not breadcrumbs. Don't give directions to Grandma's house.

I still find much of the advice useful because I know that if you make the wrong choice you will get eaten by the wolf.


deer prudence said...

Another great, strong drawing and some useful advice. I’ll tell the wolf … said...

very dramatic! really nice

Sylvia Liu said...

This is nice, and I'm enjoying the rest of your work too.

Desiree Joy said...

I love that you've only used color in Reds coat, it is a really stark image, and fits the story perfectly. :)

atlanticmo said...

Thank you for all of your kind comments.