Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It is September.


Possibly, late September.

Time for the fall plan.

Time to take the body boards and beach chairs out of the trunk.

Time to take a look around and decide my next step.

No more time to mourn the end of summer.

I must try to remember how much I love fresh apples and pumpkin beer and how good I look in tweed.

Must make some new goals and learn some new stuff.

Must get down to brass tacks, because it is after all, September.


Kathleen said...

That about sums it up. Beautiful portrait, beautiful poem, beautiful friend. xo

Anonymous said...

Love it, Moira!

Rebecca said...

I love this! Been thinking about doing a self portrait myself...

Coreopsis said...

I don't ever mourn the ending of summer, because autumn is so invigorating. (But then, we don't have any beaches nearby either). This is a wonderful self-portrait. I really like its simplicity.

atlanticmo said...

thanks for the love