Monday, May 16, 2011


There is a long list of things I don't want to do.

Most of these items are on an actual list, right here in my left cheek jean pocket.  I have to make the list so that I will remember to stop pretending that I don't have to do the things on the list.  This list doesn't even include the things I really don't want to do. This is the immediate list. This is the cut it out already and get that done list. This is my get it done before they charge a late fee list.  

The list is there to tell me, "C'mon now, get 'er done".

The list is also there to reassure me that I'm not as big a slacker as I might think.

Let me take a look at today's list and see how I did.

thinking about it still
it was raining so I couldn't
mostly done, the night is young
started to work on it, got frustrated, stopped working on it (that one was double underlined and had two exclamation points, hmm)
sent an email inquiry about the matter
yes, but not written
written, but not mailed

Not bad. Blog post wasn't even on the list.
I'm going to give myself bonus points for that.


Tommy said...

There was a time when I went through a day of satisfyingly crossing things-to-do off a list, did something I had to do, then got really annoyed that I had failed to put it on my list and didn't have it to cross off, so I wrote it on the list and crossed it off.

zoe said...

You absolutely must put blog on your list and cross it off, just for the satisfaction of crossing. I think we are completely on the same page this week!