Thursday, April 15, 2010


Remember the clip-on Koalas (notice I didn't say Koala Bear? turns out they aren't bears at all)? They were about 3" long stuffed animals that had a metal clip built into it's arms. You could clip them to your pocketbook or backpack or radio antenna.
They were all the rage back in the early 1980s. This time period was the peak of my attempt to follow all trends.
When I tried to conform, I failed miserably.
My hair didn't feather.
Blue eyeshadow gave an anemic look and not in a good way. People often asked me if I was feeling alright.
Bradlees brand "designer" jeans don't look good on anyone, definitely not a sixty pound no butt seventh-grader.
Failing at trendiness taught me a lot about myself and life. Perhaps the most important lesson came from the clip-on Koala that I kept attached to my lampshade.
The Koala was a little too heavy and the weight caused the shade to tilt and make contact with the hot bulb which started to melt and then smoke while no one was in the room.
Mom caught it in time before it went up in flames. The shade and Koala were a loss.
Since then I have done my own thing because it's a disaster when I don't.


krispie said...

I had one, too! Too bad it took me much longer to learn the same lesson.

Maria said...