Friday, April 30, 2010

Do you know what that can do to a guy my age?

It's easy to do. It happens to the best of us. It doesn't always mean you are getting old or need glasses. Most of the time it's harmless.

Toothpaste sometimes comes in the same type of packaging as hair care products.

The door of the freezer and the microwave oven are at the same height and have a similar feel.

The design on Newman's Own regular coffee looks almost exactly same as the design of the decaf coffee.
This one took me a week of headaches to figure out.

Japanese sedans in the Stop & Shop parking lot all look the same, regardless of color or year.

You can't always tell the difference between size six girl's clothing and size six women's clothing until you try to fit your head or leg through it.

Even if you don't name your kids in a rhyming fashion or with the same first letter, you are bound to yell their name loudly and incorrectly and in public.

Do be careful in the medicine cabinet. That itch might not go away.


Tommy said...

My mom would go through three names talking to me, two of them girls, before she got the right one.

Furthermore, you are an artist and have had the defining experience - you have dipped a paint brush in your coffee. Don't lie.

atlanticmo said...

I meant to put the paintbrush/coffee one in. Thanks for the reminder.
One time Mom called me "Walter".

krispie said...

I love this!