Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home Run

Grace (the girl in the drawings of the past few posts) has been roaming the woods for weeks now.

Grace has been happily exploring. Her actions have been inspired by the "topic of the week" on the Illustration Friday website.

She was at home in the forest, comfortable. I could have kept her out there for a while. There are endless possibilities in a playground of trees and wildlife.

My ten year old daughter has been watching her progress.

Last week my daughter said, "The next picture should show her home. I want to see where she lives."

I think she wanted me to prove that she did have a home.

The "topic of the week" is "hurry".

Hurry home, I thought and sent her on her way.


Stephen Macquignon said...

Very nicely done, it reminds me of my home town

Kathleen said...

I can almost hear her being called home for supper "Gra-ace!" - I think my mum's voice had a range of a mile or so.

Lily said...

Very cool! I love the split composition.

atlanticmo said...

Thank you.