Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Failure is an Option

"Failure" is my new favorite word.

Now before my mother can say, "Moira, don't be so negative." let me explain.

Being successful is the American way. The story we are told as children is to work hard, follow a good plan and you will have success.

So, as we get older we do this by going to college or learning a trade or getting married, etc.. 

We quickly learn that these things do not always end in success. This makes some of us a little more hesitant about the next plan we lay out for ourselves. 

We want that success.  

Time marches on and those of us who are afraid of failure get safer and safer in our choices while continuing to lower our self esteem and our expectations in the quest for contentment.

Yoda's famous quote, "Do. Or do not. There is no try." will lead many to "do not".

I stumbled upon a web show called, "The Failure Club", produced by Morgan Spurlock and created by Philip Kiracofe. I've always liked Morgan so I gave the first episode a try. I was hooked into the whole concept right away.

Here is a quote from the website, that explains the basics of Failure Club.

"In Failure Club, members learn to defy the fears associated with ‘failure’ by pursuing seemingly impossible goals that they set for themselves. From the outset, failure is not only a highly probable outcome, it is the desired outcome. Only through embracing the reality of failure can its’ societal stigmas be stripped away and replaced with an inspirational alternative."

So, I have developed my own failure club up here in the art studio. Party of one.

I am working very hard at failing, even harder than when I was working at succeeding.

I am aware that all I have done is changed a few words around. 

Fear is the really the big motivator when it comes to "Do. Or do not". I know that.

Take fear of failure off the table though and my path seems a little less ominous.

May the force be with you.


Zoe said...

I LOVE this picture. Seriously, it is my new favorite.
Good luck with the failure - may the force be with you.

Cindy D. said...

What a lovely and courageous character. Neat choice with the colors. You're totally right about the whole fail thing, and I have read many times that one does not regret the things they tried to do, only those things they did not try to do. Much luck on your journey!

hedwig said...

Beautiful illo, great perspective! Thank you for the link to the failure club. It's an eye opener: I'm afraid of failing and therefore I don't do things. And I hate myself for it. Now I see that failure is ok, you need it in order to learn and achieve and DO things. It's so obvious, but I didn't see it. I'm having a difficult time, thinking I'm no good at anything, blahblahblah... The other side of failure is just what I needed to hear about. Thank you.

S. Collier said...

I found your post through IF, I love what you are saying here. I worked in public education for 15 years, and when they adopted "failure is not an option" as their rally slogan - I quit. Because failure is important and it stimulates growth and learning and doing better the next time. We are raising a generation of young people that have been excused from failing and therefore "promoted" without ever truly learning.

Suzanne said...

When I was a child, I had three older sisters (just barely older) and two younger brothers, one of which is an unstopable force. In trying to keep up with them or surpass them, I got a lot of practice at failing. It was very frustrating. But, it did teach me that if you keeping throwing yourself at the solid steel triple-locked and vaccuum-sealed door, eventually it will open. And if that's what you really want, who cares if it takes until eventually? Sounds like a similar concept. :)

May the force be with you!!!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the inspiring words and imagery. Love the green, and the perspective. xo

Philip Kent Kiracofe said...

As a Star Wars fan, you will appreciate another inspirational clip from Empire Strikes Back (see video at http://failureclub.org/inspiration/)

Best of luck on your project, and thanks for helping to spread the good word about 'failure'

Nina Crittenden said...

Yes!!! Such a great post, Moira! Wishing you every happiness and spectacular failures. I will take this to heart and go make some massive mistakes! :)

Mrs. Q. said...

LOVE! (And are you selling copies of that print? Reminds me of my tree-climbing little gal!)

k.h.whitaker said...

love this

Creations By Mit said...

Great attitude!! Regarding the illo, love the perspective, the bold lines, & vivid color! Good luck on your mission!

AHAviews said...

Good point, gripping image. I'm off to aim at something out of reach now. Thanks for the push.

atlanticmo said...

Thanks for all the great comments!

Jeannine Atkins said...

I, too, am charmed by the girl in the tree, and I like your points about failure. This was part of the theme of J.K. Rowling's graduation speech at Harvard a few years back. Success can just get in your way.

Came here seeing your past at Seven Imps! Have a great week.

Allison said...

You GO Girl! This is fantastic! And I love the image!!! Reminds me of Brave Bear by Kathy Mallet, a gracious author from Maine that I met a few years ago. I also saw your post on Weekly Kicks on 7 Imps.