Monday, June 21, 2010

July, She Will Fly

We wait all year for the summer to come. We get ourselves through waiting at the bus stop in a foot of snow in January by thinking, "Someday it will be warm again.".

Don't get me wrong I love this place all year round and feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

The summer though.
Man, I love it.

I love eating pizza at Corporation Beach after a long day in the sun and salt water.

I love that my kids want to be outside all day and I have to drag them in at bedtime.

I love swimming in Scargo Lake on a hot day while the swans swim by and the osprey dive for their lunch.

I love eating seafood that you know just came out of the ocean and washing it down with a locally brewed beer.

I love having our house full of friends and family.

I love taking my guests to out to hear my talented friends perform.

I love working in the garden and then washing off the sweat and the dirt in the outdoor shower with the big beautiful blue sky above.

I love a big, loud, summer, thunder storm and I don't even care if the power goes out.

I love to sit in my wicker rocking chair on the screened-in porch, smelling the lavender and feeling rich.


ege said...

And I love you, Moira. This was beautiful. I'm jealous. Not in an "I want that, exactly" kind of way, but more of the sense of contentment...

atlanticmo said...

Love you too. Say hello to the twins for me.